Friday, December 05, 2008

Proposition 8 - The Musical

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Full Cast Credits:

They also produced along with Mike Farah.

The cast (in order of appearance):

California Gays and The People That Love Them: Jordan Ballard, Margaret Cho, Barrett Foa, J.B. Ghuman, John Hill, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Rashad Naylor, Nicole Parker

Proposition 8'ers and The People That Follow Them: Prop 8 Leader- John C. Reilly Prop 8 Leader's #1 Wife- Allison Janney Prop 8 Leader's #2 Wife- Kathy Najimy Riffing Prop 8'er-Jenifer Lewis A Preacher- Craig Robinson Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell-Rashida Jones, Lake Bell, Sarah Chalke

The Frightened Villagers: Katharine "Kooks" Leonard, Seth Morris, Denise "Esi!" Piane, Lucian Piane, Richard Read, Seth Redford, Quinton Strack, Tate Taylor

Jesus Christ: Jack Black

A Very Smart Fellow: Neil Patrick Harris

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Frank Miller's The Spirit - new featurette

THE SPIRIT - Exclusive Featurette

Producer: "It looks like nothing you've ever seen"

Weeeell, if you want to get technical, it looks an awful lot like Sin City. As in, exactly.

It bothered me to no end that Miller has come in and put his stamp all over this, completely erasing the Eisner feeling from the characters and feel of the thing. Even the comics artwork shown in this trailer is Miller's artwork, not Eisner. If he is so dead set on doing every movie in the same style (one I did dig to no end where it belonged, in the Sin City movie), why not do a sequel to that instead of forcing his stamp on Eisner's seminal work, and creating what will undoubtedly be the flop of the year?

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