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Dan DiDio versus Reality

uh-oh, someone's losing here

From Dan DiDio's Countdown interview at Newsarama

Sure, there's damage control, there's plausible deniability...

...and then there's the old 'if we smile and reassure them,+ noone will notice the iceberg'

NRAMA: [...] so lets go through that door of fan reaction to Countdown. You and I have talked about this before – that online fan response and reaction is different from personal fan response and reaction, and neither is necessarily connected to sales for any given project. I don’t want this to get into a discussion of the validity of the groups of responses, but rather, and again, from your chair, what have you heard, and what channels is that coming through?

DD: The channels that are carrying a lot of the reaction that I’m seeing are coming from the stores themselves and from fans that I’m at conventions with. I attend multiple conventions throughout the course of the year, and I’ve gotten a very positive reaction to what’s going on.

Given that there seems to be a very vocal – and I don’t know its size – group of fans online that is counter to that hasn’t really affected sales at all. I find it humorous that information that comes to me from online is erroneous in regards to the actual sales figures. I find it humorous that certain retailers decide to make blatant statements about how they’re going to be striking back at the book by making returns, when in fact the portion of books that they’re actually returning is less than 0.01% of the books that we sold. The reality is that the sales are there, the strength is there, and I have a lot of faith in regards to how the series works and how it’s moving forward. [...]

[...]For me,
Countdown is the best-kept secret success we’ve got going right now. It’s a book that people are enjoying, reading, and looking forward to. I still have people telling and showing me that they like the weekly comics. People are not “tired” of weekly comics – they buy comics on a weekly basis as it is. [...]

That was Dan DiDio, in the blue corner.

And over here, in the red, we have Reality

(courtesy of the Beat and DC Comics month-to-month sales)

05/2006: 52 Week 1 — 140,971 [143,611]

05/2006: 52 Week 2 — 128,393 (- 8.9%) [130,704]

05/2006: 52 Week 3 — 123,982 (- 3.4%) [126,913]

05/2006: 52 Week 4 — 121,440 (- 2.1%) [125,297]

06/2006: 52 Week 5 — 111,895 (- 7.9%)

06/2006: 52 Week 6 — 110,028 (- 1.7%) [111,732]

06/2006: 52 Week 7 — 110,188 (+ 0.2%) [112,618]


03/2007: 52 Week 47 — 92,676 (- 0.9%) [ 94,151]

04/2007: 52 Week 48 — 94,715 (+ 2.2%)

04/2007: 52 Week 49 — 94,681 (- 0.0%)

04/2007: 52 Week 50 — 97,073 (+ 2.5%) [100,214]

04/2007: 52 Week 51 — 94,934 (- 2.2%)

05/2007: 52 Week 52 — 102,075 (+ 7.5%)

By the 7th issue of 52, sales had stopped declining and had leveled off, with small increases and decreses here and there. The 1st issue sold a phenomenal 140k, and the lowest sales of an issue were 92k for issue 47

05/2007: Countdown #51 — 91,083

05/2007: Countdown #50 — 83,752 (-8.1%) [85,564]

05/2007: Countdown #49 — 81,484 (-2.7%) [83,188]

05/2007: Countdown #48 — 79,810 (-2.1%) [81,828]

06/2007: Countdown #47 — 77,504 (-2.9%)

06/2007: Countdown #46 — 76,362 (-1.5%)

06/2007: Countdown #45 — 74,918 (-1.9%)

06/2007: Countdown #44 — 73,971 (-1.3%)

Meanwhile COUNTDOWN launched (with #51) at 91k sales (lower than the lowest-selling issue of 52.
It has kept losing readers steadily with every issue with no real sign of leveling off, already beneath the 75k barrier. That's 20,000 pissed off readers voting with their wallets in 8 short weeks.

Yes, Dan, the itnernet is crazy and shouldn't be taken into account.

I particularly admire the Newsarama interviewer's noble efforts every week trying to get the point across to the editor, that Countdown IS an inaccessible mess, filled with continuity errors, in dire need of editorial boxes to help the readers understand where they can get the full story to be able to understand what exactly is happening.
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Mighty Avengers #7 cover or Ass-Gate

(full cover here)

Here's your chance to get in on the latest cover controversy early. And this baby really has it all.

  • Claw-fisting (ouch. and check out Sentry's positioning:)
  • Man-rape!
  • Barebottom super-heroines (Ms Marvel seems to have moved down to thongs to salvage her dipping popularity)
  • Bootylicious cheesecake (Wasp's is so diproportionate that it's blocking the camera)
At least everyone is getting equal opportunity sex-ploitation here, Marvel has learned from the previous H4H debate
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Introducing: the AuthoriTeens!

"Listen up guys and dolls! We're the Authoriteens and we're here to prevent the kabloo-ing of, like, the Multiverse!"

(or my 'GEN13#11 rules' review)

No, Gail Simone isn't on crack, trust me, it all makes sense later on.

Who are they? What do they want? Where do they come from? Why weren't they on the cover instead of the Tranquility Goths a.k.a. the Liberty Snots? (although Mangacide is seriously cool)

(no kidding, I almost missed the issue, I thought they were showing up in #12 only)

The Authoriteens premiered at the end of Gen13 #10 and are the warped creation of Gail Simone who obviously has an itch on her funny bone -- and it's about time! As much as I am ecstatic with the leaps and bounds she has made in the industry, I do miss those wacky YABS columns and her Deadpool/Agent-X/Killer Princesses/Simpsons runs where anything went and you could see the insanity take root, settle down and live am long and prosperous life.

So, er, back to the Authoriteens.

They're exactly what you feared: the teenage versions of the Authority, coming from an alternate world where everyone is a teen. (let's not delve too deep in that, shall we)

They are:
DAYBREAKER: the dim-witted teen Midnighter. He can run the same routine in his head a thousand times, and still mess up. Aparently straight/denial and with a cast regular at Jackass.

KID APOLLO: guess. Prefers Babies to G.I.Joes but he would still totally fry that blonde bitch to get to Ken's stable. Total powerhouse.

THE INTERN: get it? the junior version of the Doctor. brilliant. He's the snotty know-it-all in class who loves info-dumps.

CONTRACTOR: get this one too? junior Engineer. She mainly floats around and uses weird words. Experiencing serious early growth. She likes to frug.

NESTLING: Her eggs bring all the boys to the yard. Total tramp according to Daybreaker. But then again that would be like taking sex tips from your kid brother.

JACK HATFIELD: The teen version of Jack Hawksmoore. The Spirit of Small Towns. Think Smallville to Metropolis. Brilliant (applauds)

What else did we like in GEN13 #11:

-Finally someone points to the elephant in the room and explains the discrepancies between this and the rest of the Wildstorm relaunch titles. Namely that every other title picked up where last continuity left off, while Gen13 was the only title that rebooted. Now we finally learn that the kids' souls got transferred to their new cloned bodies upon their death, and there was some more inexplicable cosmic mumbo jumbo that will probably tie into Final Crisis or Worldstorm or whatever. So the kids have literally re-launched, withuot prior knowledge of their lives, but unknowingly drawn towards each other and the people/places they knew. Sweet.

-Gen1, or the Gen13 babies!!

They're so cutesy! I want to see a whole army of cloned babies going up against the teens! Gen1 times a hundred! Baby havok! Shit will fly! (erm... ok). They're cute.

-The sequence between the gutters: brilliant! When the Intern takes Roxy and Rainmaker on a tour to the intricacies of the Multiverse, they literally step between the Gutters, in a fitting tribute to Morrison's ANIMAL MAN, the mother of all 4th wall breakers, and John Byrne's SHE-HULK. The kids walk through panels, climb down them and even walk around old Gen13 vol. 1 covers
If you're going to do a 5-page infodump, you might as well give your reader a flashy setting/locale to distract him from the abuse.

What we DIDN'T like:

-oh, the art... needles, sticking in! Not a good choice to have the fill-ins in this issue, and certainly not a wise choice to get Sunny Lee to do the 4th wall breaking art. Was the deadline demon so dire?

Sure he managed to do the above page right, but when it came to the one on our Left, he delivered a whimper when the script was seriously calling for a BANG. It's a page featuring the teenage/Kid version of all current Wildstorm titles. It's Wildkitties. It's Stormwatch PHD in primary school, it's the Planetary as toddlers. It's... mostly covered by the two honking figures of Roxy and Caitlin, and it's hastily put together, a 5 minute sketch each at most. Boo :(

[you can check out more pages from the issue over at SCANS DAILY, and scroll down to the comments section for a fun exchange between Gail and the post's author who wouldn't believe that it was really Gail posting there ]

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GREEK review: The Order #1

My weekly review for

It's of course in Greek, so the non-native speakers please bare with me two days before I post the translated review


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Barry Kitson
Inker: Mark Morales
Colorist: Dean White
Letterers: Art Monkeys Studios
Assistant Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Editor: Warren Simons

Άλλη μια βδομάδα, άλλο ένα tie-in στο Initiative, άλλη μια συνέχεια στο crossover που δεν πεθαίνει, άλλη μια υπερομάδα, άλλος ένας μηνιαίος τίτλος, άλλο ένα νούμερο ένα, άλλος ένας τίτλος για να τρώμε στην μάπα τον Tony Stark.

(Άσχετο, αλλά πιο τσούλα κι από τον Wolverine κατάντησες, μωρή μπεκροκανάτα. Αν μου το έλεγε κάποιος πέρυσι ότι το 2007 θα είχαμε τον Iron-Man σε πάνω από 8 τίτλους κάθε μήνα... Όσο και να τον τραβάνε, Batman δεν θα τους γίνει ποτέ.)

Άλλος ένας τίτλος Avengers, αλλά πώς! Με Barry Kitson (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, EMPIRE) στο σκίτσο, με τον ανερχόμενο Matt Fraction (CASANOVA, LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS, IMMORTAL IRON-FIST) στο σενάριο. Με νέους χαρακτήρες, με άποψη και με τσάμπουκα.

Θα μπορούσαν να το είχαν πει και West Coast Avengers, αν δεν σήκωνε βαρύ στίγμα. Παραλίγο να το πούν Champions αλλά υπολόγιζαν χωρίς τον ξενοδόχο (και τωρινό κάτοχο του trademark). Το αποτέλεσμα: οι καταχωρήσεις στον κατάλογο PREVIEWS άλλαξαν σε ‘ανώνυμος τίτλος’, τα C εμβλήματα σε όλες τις σελίδες μουτζουρώθηκαν σε O, και ο τίτλος μετονομάστηκε σε ‘THE ORDER’. Όχι, δεν βλέπω την διαδικασία πίσω από την συγκεκριμένη επιλογή, ενώ ο τίτλος Pantheon θα έβγαζε και νόημα με τον σχεδιασμό της ομάδας. Πάντως ως ‘Unnamed Superhero Title’ ή έστω ‘Formerly Advertised as the Champions’ θα έιχαν κάνει ένα άλφα μεγαλύτερο σούσουρο, η αλήθεια είναι.

Μετά το τέλος του CIVIL WAR (δόξα συ ο Θεός) ο Tony Stark είναι ο απόλυτος φασίστας, όλοι οι υπερήρωες υποχρεούνται να δουλεύουν για αυτόν και την SHIELD και εγκαθιδρύεται μία υπερηρωική ομάδα σε κάθε πολιτεία των Η.Π.Α. Η εκάστωτε ομάδα αντικατοπτρίζει την ιδιαίτερη ταυτότητα της πολιτείας της, και έτσι η δική μας καλή ώρα Καλιφορνέζικη ομάδα φέρνει πιο πολύ σε... σαπουνόπερα. Υπερήρωες πρώην αλκοολικοί, ανάπηροι, πανκιά, ψωνισμένοι ή παρτάκιδες, για τη δόξα, για το χρήμα, για την δύναμη, για την ψυχανάλυση. Με έδρα το Hollywood φυσικά!

Το twist; ‘Ουδείς αναντικατάστατος’. Η ομάδα αποτελείται από ήρωες οι οποίοι αντιπροσωπεύουν το αρχαίο Ελληνικό Πάνθεον (είδατε τι σας έλεγα πρίν) από άποψη δυνάμεων και ταξιαρχίας. Οι ήρωες είναι καθημερινοί άνθρωποι εθελοντές, οι οποίοι εκπαιδεύονται επί μήνες (πότε πρόλαβαν ακριβώς;) και παίρνουν δυνάμεις μέσω πατενταρισμένης μεθόδου του Stark (στάνταρ κάτι θα μυρίζει εδώ) με ημερομηνία λήξης ένα χρόνο. Και αν κάνει κάποιος κουτσουκέλα; Απολύεται, χάνει τις δυνάμεις του, γράφει καμμιά αυτοβιογραφία για αποζημίωση και αντικαθίσταται με συνοπτικές διαδικασίες από τον επόμενο στη λίστα αναμονής.

Το τελευταίο πολύ χρήσιμο εργαλείο για την καταναγκαστική σύνδεση με το CIVIL WAR όπου σε ένα τρισέλιδο είχε κάνει το ντεμπούτο η ομάδα με έτοιμο καστ. Ο Fraction χτίζει την ομάδα με τους χαρακτήρες που ευγενικά δημιούργησε και απλόχερα παραχώρησε ο καλός Mark Millar. Βέβαια μέχρι την μέση του τεύχους έχει ήδη κατακρεουργήσει και απολύσει πάνω από τους μισούς για να τους αντικαταστήσει με τις δικές του δημιουργίες. Δόξα.

Ποιοι είναι αυτοί οι νέοι χαρακτήρες; Ε, δεν τους θυμάμαι τώρα όλους. Αλλά μην ανησυχείτε, ούτε ο ίδιος ο αρχηγός της ομάδας δεν τους θυμάται. ‘Henry Hellrung can’t even remember our names. What is he gonna do, fire us in the morning?. Ο Henry Hellrung (εύηχο: όχι.) είναι ο ‘Απόλλωνας’ της ομάδας, η αρχηγάρα, ξοφλημένος ηθοποιός (μάλιστα διάσημος ως ο τηλεοπτικός Tony Stark), πρώην αλκόολικός και σπόνσορας του Stark στους Alcoholics Anonymous. Ναι, το βήσμα πιάνει και στον Αμερικάνικο δημόσιο τομέα. Ο ίδιος απαντά με έκπληξη στον ΄διορισμό’ του: So here I am. A one-time actor, according to Wikipedia, a full-time drunk as a matter of public record, and the guy that made AA cool in West Hollywood on Friday nights about a hundred years ago. Are you sure you want me to lead your little superhero team?. Έχει μπαγκάζια και μας αρέσει, αλλά ανάθεμα αν δεν τον έχουν σκοτώσει μέσα στο χρόνο.

Δίας της ομάδας ο Stark, και έκπληξη στο ρόλο της manager / Ήρας, η Pepper Potts, πάλαι ποτέ γραματέας και γκομενάκι του Stark. Και πάλι, χωρίς μέσο και αν δεν βγάλεις λίγο γάμπα δεν πας πουθενά. Οι υπόλοιποι χαρακτήρες δεν προλαβαίνουν να αναπτυχθούν καθώς το τεύχος αφιερώνεται στον Helrung (αλλά το ξέραμε μόλις είδαμε τον τίτλο του τεύχους: ‘1.Henry’). Προσωπικά ανυπομονώ να μάθω περισσότερα για το φρικιό της παρέας Mulholland Black και την μέγαιρα Magdalena ή Veda. Και γαμώτο, γιατι να διώξει την γκόμενα με το Bluetooth σπαθί το οποίο δίνει οδηγίες και ψυχολογική υποστήριξη κατά τη διάρκεια της μάχης; Τεχνολογία του μέλλοντος, όχι αστεία.

Ο τίτλος κάνει σίγουρα εντυπωσιακό ντεμπούτο προσφέροντας μια φρέσκια ματιά στους υπερήρωες, δεί της Marvel. Ή μήπως;

Μας θυμίζουν κάτι όσα είδαμε;

Ο τίτλος και το concept μου έκαναν αμέσως κλικ, και με τη δεύτερη ανάγνωση συνηδειτοποίησα το λόγο: το THE ORDER αποτελεί ένα έξυπνο αμάγαλμα των δύο all-time αγαπημένων μου υπερηρωικών τίτλων: X-FORCE/X-STATIX και STRIKEFORCE: MORITURI.

Και οι δύο τίτλοι εξέταζαν τους υπερήρωες μέσω του φακού της διασημότητας, άλλαζαν κάθε λίγα τεύχη σύνθεση ομάδας, ενώ είχαν και από έναν ηθοποιό ειδικευμένο σε υπερηρωικούς ρόλους να γίνεται ο ίδιος υπερήρωας (El Guapo και Backhand). Από τους X–Statix παίρνουμε το έντονο στοιχείο της βιομηχανίας θεάματος και το αλκοολ και ναρκωτικά (όντας πιο πρόσφατο), τις press conference, την εισχώρηση όρων marketing, το trademarkability ως κινητήρια δύναμη, την αιφνίδια αλλαγή roster στο ντεμπούτο τεύχος, ειρωνικά ακόμα και την αλλαγή ονόματος του τίτλου για λόγους copyright. Από τους Morituri (αθάνατη Μαμούθ) παίρνουμε την διαδικασία ενδυνάμωσης απλών ανθρώπων, το όριο του ενός χρόνου που αυτή επιφέρει, την πολυπόθητη ικανότητα πτήσης σε όλα τα μέλη, τον εθελοντισμό και το πρόγραμμα εκπαίδευσης αναπληρωματικών. Ίσως αντιλαμβανόμενος τις ομοιότητες τουλάχιστον με τους X-Statix, ο Fraction διαφοροποιεί τις δύο ομάδες, σχολιάζοντας μέσα από τους χαρακτήρες του: ‘the era of glamorous decadence and unchecked indulgence in our superheroes is finished’, οι δικοί μου χαρακτήρες δεν θα χαπακώνονται και δεν θα μπεκρουλιάζουν. Και ίδιο να το είχε αφήσει και να τους ονόμαζε και O-Force (inside joke) εγώ πάλι θα γούσταρα.

Δυστυχώς αντίθετα από το X-FORCE των Milligan/Allred το οποίο ήρθε σε μια περίοδο λιτότητας στην Marvel με λιγοστούς νέους τίτλους, το THE ORDER δεν καρπώνεται από το ίδιο εκτενές κύμα διαφήμισης και προώθησης καθώς είναι απλά άλλος ένας spin-off τίτλος από το μεγάλο καλοκαιρινό event, και δεν ασχολιούνται με το roster του και τους δημιουργούς του το COMICS JOURNAL και το WIZARD.

Ο Barry Kitson είναι η ανάλογη επίλογη τύπου Mike Allred (ναι συνεχίζω τις X-Statix αναλογίες) για τον τίτλο, όχι για ποπ αισθητική σε αυτή την περίπτωση, αλλά για την κλασική colourful spandex προσέγγιση στον σχεδιασμό των χαρακτήρων και την old-school αισθητική στο σκίτσο. Οι χαρακτήρες κληρονομιά του McNiven με τις Ultimates στολές φαίνονται με την μία παράτεροι από την αρχή του τεύχους, ενώ ο ίδιος ο Kitson εμφανώς ‘ζορίζεται’ να τις σχεδιάσει στη σελίδα, ξεφεύγοντας σε προχειρότητες στα τελευταία panels στα οποία εμφανίζονται.

O Matt Fraction δεν έχει καταφέρει να απογοητεύσει πουθενά εως τώρα. Δεν καταλαβαίνει από τον τσαμπουκά της Marvel και καταφέρνει να βγάλει επιτέλους κάτι αξιόλογο από τα αποκαïδια του Civil War. Γράφει διαλόγους με την έμφαση στους self-certified cool tag-lines και τις quotable ατάκες (ούτε εγώ αντιστάθηκα στον πειρασμό και διάνθησα την κριτική). Σχολή Morisson και Millar αλλά αφ’ενός προσγειωμένο και βατό, και αφ’ετέρου ευχάριστο. Γράφει υπερηρωικά comics επειδή έχει κάτι να πει και να σχολίασει για αυτά, μέσα από αυτά.

Τρανταχτό ξεκίνημα για ένα τίτλο που σίγουρα θα κάνει το δικό της πάταγο αν της δοθεί ο χρόνος και η ευκαιρία.

Grade: 7.5/10

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Preview: The Order #2 - Marvel Comics

Marvel has provided us with a sneak peek at next week’s second issue of the critics’ darling: THE ORDER!



A team of long-dormant Soviet super-weapons is awake, angry and heading straight at the heart of Los Angeles ready to finish World War III! The front line of defense is a team that’s been together since just before nine this morning! The queen of PR starts her spin! A dead body hides more than just a murder mystery! AND AND AND -- a super-sex tape! What on earth could justify the use of that many exclamation points? Surely, it could only be the second sensational issue of the yet to be named new ongoing series written by Matt Fraction (IMMORTAL IRON FIST and PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL) and with art by the amazing Barry Kitson
(Legion of Super-Heroes, JLA: Year One).
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

PRICE: 2.99
IN STORES: August 22, 2007

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Battle of the Thors

Sourcing, there's two men rumoured to be in the lead to play Thor in the upcoming Matthew 'Stardust' Vaugn-helmed movie adaptation of the long-running comic.

ROME's Kevin McKidd versus WWE's Paul Levesque a.k.a. HHH


one is a proper actor with great TV credit, the other is a pro-wrestler turned actor, most notably playing a henchman in Marvel's Blade Trinity.

Does acting ability really weigh in in this case? It's THOR!! For all his Old English attitude and his Thou's and Shall's, he's not really that much demanding a part performance-wise. All you need is Godly presence, and Levesque is overflowing, he's practically Thor in his day-to-day life!

I'll leave you with these:

Notice the family resemblance?

This blog is officially Gay for Thor.

(p.s. Thor should have a beard for the movie and I'm prepared to go on the streets and protest for it)
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Image Comics' #1s for freeloaders

Lots of trully quality comics available to read for free on the Image Comics website.

(not able to get them to download yet)

Top 10 Recommended reading from that list:
Casanova #1 (best Image book right now)
Fell #1
Pirates of Coney Island #1
Sidekick #1
Age of Bronze #1
Ultra #1
Girls #1
G0dland #1
Lions, Tigers and Bears #1
Walking Dead #1
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spider-Pig and its inspiration

Yes, of course the Simpsons movie is the funniest movie I've watched this year. I would have put it second to Borat, but that's not fair since Borat was pure unscripted slapstick (looking at you, Academy Awards, get your stuff in order)

Meanwhile, people are thinking the Spider-Pig (though indeed the breakout character of the movie) is the most original idea since PB&J, while Marvel has been publishing Spider-Pig comics since the 80s:

Spider-Ham, Spider-Pig... Poor Peter Porker would probably be seen as a rip-off of Spider-Pig if Marvel were to publish another comic with him now! It's Tim Hunter versus Harry Potter all over again!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Indigo here I go oh oh ah ah - Moloko Live

In response to Dust Road's Moloko love post, here's MOLOKO live from Pinkpop festival with Indigo

As amazing as their videoclips are, the live clip is something else entirely. Can't wait to see them live after this, she manages to beat Tori Amos for stage attitude here (sorry Dust)

Her posing, her attitude (especially the opening of the song, a pure bored-diva-after-a-few-drinks-at-the-cabaret essence), her ecstatic climax, and of course... face-down crowd-surfing! I mean, really, think about it. Totally in the moment.

My lovely Matus (thank you for the links) is watching Roisin live in Budapest soon. You can smell my envy from across our screens.

(you want more: Forever More and Pure Pleasure Seeker from the same festival)
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Passing of a Great Artist

Yesterday the amazing artist Mike Wieringo passed away from a heart attack at age 44. I was shocked from the news, as Mike was so young and full of passion for his life and his work. I'd like to pass my condolences to his family and friends.

Over at Newsarama, Karl Kesel, Todd Dezago and Mark Waid talk about Mike. Waid and Dezago were the two writers he worked with for most of his career, on Tellos, Fantastic Four, Sensational Spider-man and the Flash. The Newsarama blog also has more words from friends and colleagues.

Mike always loved comics and spent almost every day talking to his fans through his blog and posting a daily sketch for them. You can see the collection of these sketches here. His last sketch was his own creation, Tellos, on Friday.

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Matt Wagner & Christianity in the DC Universe

An excerpt from Matt Wagner's panel from WizardWorld Chicago:

Talking about Jason Todd coming back as the Red Hood, Wagner wondered why there are Christians in the DC Universe since there are so many people that come back from the dead, rendering Jesus' resurrection as not out of the ordinary.

This of course is a very valid point. So Jesus Christ came back from the dead two thousand years ago. Superman did that 5 years ago, Donna Troy does it every month, and even the Green Arrow came back from the dead once. Resurrection should have lost its currency by now.

The problem of course is worse over in the Marvel Universe, where half the population has at one point died and come back to life (some Thanos crossover bru-haha) in the 90s.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vote for Panel of the Week 12.08.07

EAch week I'll be posting the 3-4 most memorable panels from the week and putting them up for a public week-long vote. The winning panels gets posted on the sidebar and earns boasting privileges over lesser panels...

This week:


Look, Ma! I've got a hand up my ass!

B. GEN13 #11
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The AuthoriTeen version of Jack Hawksmoor


Rug Burn

D. X-FACTOR #22 - Endangered Species back-up

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Harry Potter personality test

I'm the token ginger school slapper. And you?

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

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Bat-Utility Purse

Accessorising gone Bat-bad

(photos courtesy of Newsarama blog)
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WizardWorld Chicago Saturday: Comments

What we Learned and what we Thought about it:

(links courtesy of Newsarama)


It's the 'Misdirection of the Year Award. Checking the previous teasers about the new title, they were always followed by 'Bryan Hitch confirmed it's NOT the Fantastic Four'.

The interview makes me hopeful for a good run, especially saying that they will try new ideas and locales, instead of just bringing back the Frightful Four, Dr Doom and Galactus (mr McDuffie, I'm looking in your general direction).

Who else chuckled at Hitchy proclaiming this will be a monthly? Honestly now... I'll adopt a 'wait and see' attitude here.

What I really hope here is for an actually significant run in terms of sheer issues produced. Millar hasn't stayed on a title for more than 12 issues, other than Ultimate X-Men. The last Fantastic Four writer to give us a significan run was Claremont and it wasn't even a good one. And the last time I seriously enjoyed a Fantastic Four run was Scott Lobdell's three issues of Heroes Reborn.

'Wait and See'


Right there is the biggest mistake on DC's part. 'Kids' titles, instead of 'All Ages'. Kids don't really like being talked down to. And where are the digest collections to get these comics into their hands anyway. Anyway:

The direct animation-linked comics (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, TEEN TITANS GO) are being scrapped (amen) and replaced by some new concepts:

TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar (creator of the horridly boring, but cute PATRICK THE WOLF BOY), which again looks too cute to resist, with that distinct mini-Marvels appeal. I'm sure it will do wonders in merchandising.

BILLY BATSON AND THE MAGIC OF SHAZAM by Mike Kunkel (HEROBEAR) which follows thematically from Jeff Smith's excellent recent mini.

SUPER-FRIENDS which actually uses the JLU cast? I'm not going near that.


A Top Cow alumni to follow up after the super-talented Barry Kitson? Disgraceful I'm sure Leonard Kirk was available and a wiser choice. Manapul is apparently also ditching most of Kitson's designs and replacing them with a mix of old and new in Image 90s style... Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl's costumes say it all. Btw, no Supergirl!


The image really says it all here. G.T. is the infamous creator of Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. Now I'd love to see a Cage cartoon in this style! This is "a new four-issue mini-series that puts Luke Cage at the center of ’70s-style butt-kicking action".

Hey, as long as he has a 'fro and is sporting that tiara, I'm there!


A 4-issue mini in the popular 'YOU decide' format. What it is, essentially, is a fan-voted vote between different versions of popular characters from different Elseworlds projects. Like seeing Kingdom Come Superman, versus Superman Red Son and True Brit Superman (just as an example). The winners of the fan voting will win the in-comic battle and make it into Countdown.

It's more 'DC versus Marvel' than Jason Todd, I'm surprised the interviewer didn't bring up that connection instead.


I met simon in a recent signing in Manchester and he explained just how he pitched this project, putting in every crazy idea he could muster, to make the book completely un-pitchable and unpublishable. Then Marvel green-lit it. It should be fun, I won't spoil anything beforehand.
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UGO's Top 50 TV Shows of All Time

TOP 50

I'm not going to post the whole list, just those relevant to me (=those I've watched!)

50.Babylon 5
29.Saved By The Bell
24.Ren & Stimpy
21.Twin Peaks
17.Family Guy
16.Batman the Animated Series
15.Star Trek the Next Generation
13. X-Files
12.Looney Tunes
9.South Park
7.Freaks and Geeks
6.Muppett Show
4.The Sopranos
3.Battlestar Galactica
1.Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hmm, not too bad, 22 out of 50, that makes me a 44% TV geek, I guess.

(yes, I haven't watchewd the Office or the Wire, or 24. Deal with it or move on ;) )

And there's no arguing that these series belong in the Top 50. Sure, I wouldn't place Firefly on spot 11 (above Star Trek? really?) or Family Guy above Transformers.

As for what I would use to fill the gaps?

criminally ommitted:

SIX FEET UNDER (deserves to be in the Top 10 as much as The Sopranos does)
ANGEL (see above, but Buffy, or better yet have it replace Firefly)
FRIENDS (kinda obvious. and WILL & GRACE by extention)
BEVERLY HILLS 90210 (hey, if Saved By The Bell gets the cut, this one is even bigger in terms of teen culture impact)

any other recommends?
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The Gay X-Men Perspective

That is to say, the Gay perspective on X-Men, courtesy of the Boy Blunder over at

Boy Blunder is replying to the recent bigoted hacker attack on the popular queer website, using the x-men as a modern analog for queer nation and other groups of people who are sometimes gated for simply being different. I couldn';t have said it better than B-B, so I'll simply quote him here:

The most important lesson I learned from comics though relates to hatred. I learned that any group that is sufficiently different is a target for ignorance. Skin color, sexuality, mutant abilities, whatever the cause, if you are different, you will be hated. You see, gay people tend to love superheroes because we get it. We know what is like to hide your True Identity™. The need to blend in, the protection of banality. But it is a lie. We are different, and we're hated because of it.

I also learned, largely due to Stan Lee, that the responsibility for dealing with hatred directed at me is in my hands. I could rant and rage and take matters into my own hands, like Magneto. In truth that probably could accomplish some good. Or, I could choose to be like Charles Xavier and the X-Men. I could choose to love and defend those people that hate me. This really isn't altruism, in my opinion, it is about what I allow to consume me. I choose love over hatred.

I have no idea if they will catch whomever did this. In many respects I don't care. But I can promise you this, if anyone anywhere hates me for what I am, my response is simple. Let's go have coffee and talk. Explain to me where you're coming from, and I will attempt to do the same. Its okay to disagree, and we'll probably not change each others minds. But I will not react to hatred with more hatred, only love and coffee.

Xavier would be proud, BB :)

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