Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Gay X-Men Perspective

That is to say, the Gay perspective on X-Men, courtesy of the Boy Blunder over at

Boy Blunder is replying to the recent bigoted hacker attack on the popular queer website, using the x-men as a modern analog for queer nation and other groups of people who are sometimes gated for simply being different. I couldn';t have said it better than B-B, so I'll simply quote him here:

The most important lesson I learned from comics though relates to hatred. I learned that any group that is sufficiently different is a target for ignorance. Skin color, sexuality, mutant abilities, whatever the cause, if you are different, you will be hated. You see, gay people tend to love superheroes because we get it. We know what is like to hide your True Identity™. The need to blend in, the protection of banality. But it is a lie. We are different, and we're hated because of it.

I also learned, largely due to Stan Lee, that the responsibility for dealing with hatred directed at me is in my hands. I could rant and rage and take matters into my own hands, like Magneto. In truth that probably could accomplish some good. Or, I could choose to be like Charles Xavier and the X-Men. I could choose to love and defend those people that hate me. This really isn't altruism, in my opinion, it is about what I allow to consume me. I choose love over hatred.

I have no idea if they will catch whomever did this. In many respects I don't care. But I can promise you this, if anyone anywhere hates me for what I am, my response is simple. Let's go have coffee and talk. Explain to me where you're coming from, and I will attempt to do the same. Its okay to disagree, and we'll probably not change each others minds. But I will not react to hatred with more hatred, only love and coffee.

Xavier would be proud, BB :)

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