Thursday, August 16, 2007

Battle of the Thors

Sourcing, there's two men rumoured to be in the lead to play Thor in the upcoming Matthew 'Stardust' Vaugn-helmed movie adaptation of the long-running comic.

ROME's Kevin McKidd versus WWE's Paul Levesque a.k.a. HHH


one is a proper actor with great TV credit, the other is a pro-wrestler turned actor, most notably playing a henchman in Marvel's Blade Trinity.

Does acting ability really weigh in in this case? It's THOR!! For all his Old English attitude and his Thou's and Shall's, he's not really that much demanding a part performance-wise. All you need is Godly presence, and Levesque is overflowing, he's practically Thor in his day-to-day life!

I'll leave you with these:

Notice the family resemblance?

This blog is officially Gay for Thor.

(p.s. Thor should have a beard for the movie and I'm prepared to go on the streets and protest for it)


Anonymous said...


Excentric Herself said...

I'd like to see Triple H as Thor. Actually, i'm begging to see that!!!

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up with a big-ass crush on Thor, I think HHH should have the job. It just works. (This is a girl, by the way...haha)

Manolis Vamvounis said...

girls dig Thor that way (he dirty one, natch) too? what strangeness ;)