Saturday, March 08, 2008

Official Kids Handbook of the Marvel U

Source: Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #33 (Marvel Comics)
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Filthy Asgardians

JMS introduces us to the fine art of Asgardian interior plumbing (or lack thereof):

Source: Thor #6 (Marvel Comics)
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Spider-Nerd and His Cool Friends

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man #119 (Marvel Comics)
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Generic Marvel Recap Page Template

Source: World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #2 (Marvel Comics), but miraculously applicable line-wide.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wolverine: Some Assembly Required

Ultimate Apocalypse is bad-ass enough to break off Wolvie's -unbreakable- adamantium arm and hit him with it. Respect!

Source: Ultimate X-Men #91 (Marvel Comics)

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Nuns Gone Wild

Source: Robin #171 (DC Comics)
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting Weeks 8-9 2008

Gorillas in Heat topped the poll with a 35% in the last installment of POTW!

The past few weeks have provided a wealth of funnies, with Cable&Deadpool and Jack of Fables alone providing a huge wealth of material! But can someone explain everyone's fascination with genitalia?

Panel A
Herc's doped-up reminisces (Incredible Hercules #114)

Panel B
Written by Jenna Jameson, that's saying a lot (Shadow-Hunter #1)

Panel C
Deadpool's meta commentary on Brand New Day (Cable&Deadpool #50)

Panel D
Make a Wish, any Wish (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295)

Panel E
Humpty Dumpty's Woes (Jack of Fables #20)
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Fabian Nicieza has just turned Info-Dumping into an Art Form!

Sub-referencing Joe Kelly's historic cataloguing of Lengthy Monologues In Mid-Jump as a form of secondary mutation!

Source: Cable&Deadpool #50 (Marvel Comics)

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Mermaids For Sale

Fake Mermaid Corpses (made from real human skeletons, fish scales and teeth) are available for sale on the internet, and apparently have started cropping up not only on chain spam letters, but also on Mexican tabloids! I admit it took me more than 20 minutes of google searching before I could uncover this hoax, after being sent a chain letter reporting the discovery of a mummified mermaid corpse in a Russian lake! Fun-Fact: these were originally available to buy on ebay! Perfect Feng-Sui for a fisherman's hut, I guess. The bragging rights alone are worth it (if you can put up with the smell).

Buy yours here in time for Easter.

another fun incident on youtube: Russian fishermen catch a mermaid corpse and videotape it. The evidence cannot be examined for authenticity as the mermaid was later served as dinner.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Real Men Don't Cry

Source: Erik Larsen / Fantastic Comics #24 (Image Comics)
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February '08 H-O-T Grade

1. AMERICAN VIRGIN #23 (Vertigo)

2. WOLVERINE #62 (Marvel)

3. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #119 (Marvel)


5. CROSSING MIDNIGHT #16 (Vertigo)

6. GRAVEL #1 (Avatar)

7. X-MEN LEGACY #208 (Marvel)

8. FANTASTIC FOUR #554 (Marvel)

9. LOCKE & KEY #1 (IDW)


Lots of new entries this month, paired with some sad goodbyes. American Virgin and Umbrella Academy are wrapping up their runs (along with near top 10 misses Cable&Deadpool#50, and Gail Simone's last All-New Atom with #20). X-Men: Legacy is Mike Carey's new start on the ongoing title, and Fantastic Four #554 sees the debut of new creative team Millar with Hitch. Gravel was a usual impressive Warren Ellis debut, but none of these could overcome the sheer fun of Bendis' Ultimate treatment of Spidey& His Amazing Friends.
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