Thursday, February 21, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting 19.02.08

Starman's sublime sci-fi musings dominated the charts last week with a 39% against the other four panels.

This week was ripe with potential and I had to shortlist a great deal of great contenders. The lucky five are:

Panel A
Deadly Kiss of the Black Widow (Amazing Spider-Man #550)

Panel B
'Honey, I'm Pregnant' (Green Arrow/Black Canary#5)

Panel C
Original Sin (American Virgin #23)

Panel D
Johnny Storm and Johnny Storm-Hilton (Fantastic Four #554)

Panel E

One Super-Gorilla hitting another on the head with his lover's brains. Love! (Salvation Run #4)

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Frankly Mr Shankly said...

Salvation Run 4! these panel remind me my ideol joe orton :(