Monday, February 18, 2008

The X i -Factor #28

The newest issue of X-Factor, post-Messiah Complex.

The cast is getting back together after the tumultuous last few months. One of them is leaving, another is expecting someone new. And all of them get... iPhones?

It starts off as a quirky pop reference, as Siryn is confessing in a chapel

Innocent enough, a passing mention. To think some people take step from this to accuse Marvel of selling out to Big Bucks companies for intrusive product placement in their stories.

Hurm. I guess Peter David is either a big Apple geek or was asked to fill a certain iPhone quota this issue. Boy, I'd sure be pissed off if that happened. And if I was as crazy talented and known for my ironic meta commentary as PAD, I'd be inclined to slip in my opinion on this marketing strategy.

Product Placement as Product Destruction. -Applause-


Tariq said...


Not saying this is the case, but have you considered the possibility that David is actually taking a swipe at Marvel's in-story product placement?

It does seem sort of the case to me; that he was told to shill an iphone, and basically laid it on thick as a statement of his feelings?

Manolis Vamvounis said...

that's exactly what i suggest in my last comments. The only proof either way will be if and when we see more iPhones popping up in references in other marvel comics in the coming weeks and months

griffinlad said...

I think he just likes Apple, and has also made Monet kind of an Apple junkie (or maybe just a fadmonger), which is a cool character detail.

In a previous issue, there were some gratuitous shots of Monet jamming to her iPod.