Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Avengers #23

This month in New Avengers:

the Street Avengers have been kicked out of their Swanky Sanctum Sanctorum (slash) Starbucks, and are now moving in one of Danny Rand's appartment.

Let's review the above page.

Spidey is in regular costume, so we can assume that this title has now caught up with Brand New Day (although it was said in there that Spidey hung up the webs for a month after OMD). That means noone on the team knows his secret identity, yet trust him enough to have him on the team during this highly distrusting period of Skrullness. Spidey currently lives with his Aunt May (who doesn't know his secret either), but still has a room in the Avengers Appartment (where he will probably have to sleep in his mask, seeing as noone knows his secret identity). Spidey also apparently now remembers House of M (where he was married to Gwen and had a kid), while he still doesn't remember he was ever married to MJ.

Wolverine also likes to slum it around with this group of people he hardly knows instead of hanging out in his comfy room in the X-Mansion where there actually is food. Unless all this NA crap took place after Messiah Complex and there is no mansion, but then that would place Wolvie off in Russia with his real friends, or in Afghanistan hunting down Mystique, or in Deep Space on the Planet Breakworld, or training a new team of feral mutants for black-ops.

In other words, in the current scheme of things there's no believable way for either of these solo characters to be in this 'team', consisting of... Power-Man and Iron-Fist with DD's ex girlfriend and Hawkeye.

Oh, and the deaf Echo continues having conversations with guys who either have their back turned on her or are wearing full-face masks.

I think this entire team should be revealed as Skrulls and get it all over with.

The other 20 pages of the issue feature a very slow-moving and faux-emotional scene as Luke Cage learns his wife has decided to register and move into Avengers mansion (because that one never gets attacked by super-villains and is so much safer than living in a normal appartment without other super-heroes.)
They spend a lot of panels looking at each other with hurt expressions, exchanging Bendisisms until the Mighty Avengers show up and retread ground that seems to be exhumed and recovered every second week. How can this be the same guy who is currently doing the best character stuff of his career on Ultimate Spider-man?

The only proper place for this issue is in the Recycling Tank.


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