Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting 13.02.08

Last poll ended in a deadlock, even after 2 weeks of voting, with Wolverine and Brand New Day Spider-man.

Last week didn't have much to offer in terms of panels, so decided to merge the two weeks for one stronger poll.

Panel AStarman Who? (Justice Society of America #12)

Panel B
Teen Relief (Teen Titans Year One #2)

Panel C
One More Jab (Amazing Spider-man #549)

Panel D
Wonder-whipped (All-New Atom #20)

Panel E
Humpty Dumpty Saw The Great -- (Jack of Fables #19)


Tom Daylight said...

Starman (looking suspiciously like a certain nnnnn) appears to be singing the theme tune to Doctor Who.

Manolis Vamvounis said...

i KNEW i was missing a pop reference there

Frankly Mr Shankly said...

i like erik/erika panels from infinity inc. 6

Manolis Vamvounis said...

actually, those almost made it! Going to post them separately when i do a mega-review on the series

Frankly Mr Shankly said...

i'm waiting...