Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, X-Statix: Death and Beyond

Edie and Guy's story ended abruptly when Edie died in issue 128, at her personal prime. Edie's death shook the team apart into a new direction and name, while her presence was felt throughout the 2 year run of the re-launched title X-Statix.

In the tragic aftermath of her death, Guy begins his descent into paranoia, as he imagines talking to Edie through her action figure. Cameron Stewart captured the moment in a powerful pinup he did for Mike Allred

Fate would have it so their story didn't end at death. Years after the ending of the following series, Milligan and Allred would return to their characters for the Dead Girl mini-series. Therein, Guy (himself dead now) travels to an afterlife dimension where he is reunited with Edie. Mike Allred's cover for issue 4 once more captured Guy's enduring love for his lost love

when Guy and Edie meet up in the offices of death, Milligan stays true to his characters and denies them their fairytale Happily Ever HereAfter. All is as it should be. Here is the final sequence of events from the issue

The suicidal dreamer who has clustered his heart away from the cruel world falls in love with the sarcastic super-diva who laughs at the face of death masking her insecurities over what she is becoming. He loves her like tomorrow making her his anchor to sanity. She tried for both their sake to keep them grounded, in a losing battle against her feelnigs for the strange man who sees through her facade to the flawed person within and loves her secret shame.

I'll stop before I get too mushy, as words can't do justice to what Milligan and Allred gave us in this series, an uncontrollable and deep attraction between two flawed people which made our hearts crack.

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