Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, X-Statix: Tike Alicar + Dead Girl

The sardonic Dead Girl who couldn't know her true nature, and the black boy raised white who couldn't come to terms with his. Originally drawn together by their fear of being alone, magnified by the apparent pairing up of everyone else on the team (Edie with Guy and at that point Myles with Phat), and nudged along by their thirst to outshine the prime couple of the book.

Ironically, this couple always stayed in the background and broke through only via little throw-away comments and small scenes. Tike used Dead Girl for sex and self-projection, something Dead girl knew and understood, while she saw deeper into his self-destructive nature and stayed with him to give a purpose to her life by protecting him from himself and use him in return to quell her fear of loneliness.

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