Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, X-Statix: Guy + Edie

It's arguable the entire run of Milligan and Allred on X-Force (#116 to 129) was a great (or the greatest) love story, set on a backdrop of mutants, fame and death.

I remember their constant antagonism and sexual tension running through their first issues together, and their first kiss --

-- their (many) brushes with death and the aptly titled story 'Edie and Guy Finally Do it', with Darwyn Cooke's teaseful cover of Edie in bed wearing nothing but Guy's costume top

A lot of the power of the romance didn't come from the script at all, as they never exchanged cliched vows and empty promises. Instead, Milligan put his complete trust in Mike Allred to convey their passion in their body language and the way they would steal glances at each other

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