Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting Weeks 8-9 2008

Gorillas in Heat topped the poll with a 35% in the last installment of POTW!

The past few weeks have provided a wealth of funnies, with Cable&Deadpool and Jack of Fables alone providing a huge wealth of material! But can someone explain everyone's fascination with genitalia?

Panel A
Herc's doped-up reminisces (Incredible Hercules #114)

Panel B
Written by Jenna Jameson, that's saying a lot (Shadow-Hunter #1)

Panel C
Deadpool's meta commentary on Brand New Day (Cable&Deadpool #50)

Panel D
Make a Wish, any Wish (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295)

Panel E
Humpty Dumpty's Woes (Jack of Fables #20)

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