Monday, March 03, 2008

Mermaids For Sale

Fake Mermaid Corpses (made from real human skeletons, fish scales and teeth) are available for sale on the internet, and apparently have started cropping up not only on chain spam letters, but also on Mexican tabloids! I admit it took me more than 20 minutes of google searching before I could uncover this hoax, after being sent a chain letter reporting the discovery of a mummified mermaid corpse in a Russian lake! Fun-Fact: these were originally available to buy on ebay! Perfect Feng-Sui for a fisherman's hut, I guess. The bragging rights alone are worth it (if you can put up with the smell).

Buy yours here in time for Easter.

another fun incident on youtube: Russian fishermen catch a mermaid corpse and videotape it. The evidence cannot be examined for authenticity as the mermaid was later served as dinner.

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