Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Indigo here I go oh oh ah ah - Moloko Live

In response to Dust Road's Moloko love post, here's MOLOKO live from Pinkpop festival with Indigo

As amazing as their videoclips are, the live clip is something else entirely. Can't wait to see them live after this, she manages to beat Tori Amos for stage attitude here (sorry Dust)

Her posing, her attitude (especially the opening of the song, a pure bored-diva-after-a-few-drinks-at-the-cabaret essence), her ecstatic climax, and of course... face-down crowd-surfing! I mean, really, think about it. Totally in the moment.

My lovely Matus (thank you for the links) is watching Roisin live in Budapest soon. You can smell my envy from across our screens.

(you want more: Forever More and Pure Pleasure Seeker from the same festival)


Dust Road said...

ok, to dexomai. i roisin ourliazei "sex" se kathe kinisi tis. opos gia paradeigma sto parakato link. pure new pleasure seeker indeedy!


Manolis Vamvounis said...

you know, I was JUST watching this video when you posted the link!

Stop it with the mind-meld! creepy