Monday, September 24, 2007

Big Barda T & A but no Face?

Al Barrionuevo is the stellar artist behind the gorgeous MARTIAN MANHUNTER mini-series and last week's tolerable DC COUNTDOWN #32. He has a solid tight style, although the collaboration with 'breakdowns artist' Keith Giffen didn't seem to favour him well.

The question I beg to ask after finishing the (surprisingly) amusing #32 has to do with Big Barda's 'cameo appearance'. I've gone ahead and included scans of all of Big Barda's panels in the issue:

Notice anything funny going on?

Now, is this a case of Keith Giffen having fun with the breakdowns, DC making clandestine plans to change Barda's race or Barrionuevo simply not knowing what Big Barda's face looks like?

Big Barda has often been the subject of overly enthusiastic T&A portrayals, but at least past artists had the decency to also include her face in the panels. ;)

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