Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Isn't Anyone Paying Attention?


Pencils & Cover by BARRY KITSON

Shell-shocked, shattered, and--worst of all—depowered, the men and women that were once the Order stand face to face with the big-bad that's toyed with them for 9 whole issues in various forms and guises and shapes and sizes. They might be broken--but can The Order be beaten? The end of a strange and vicious trip arrives, and God only knows if the Order will survive.
As this is our last issue, y'know, you might think you know the answer. But you might be wrong! You don't know. You DON'T! Hooray! Goodbye!
By Matt Fraction (PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, Casanova), Kaare Evans (Immortal Iron Fist) and Barry Kitson (Empire, Legion of Superheroes).

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Thus ends Marvel's best new property since RUNAWAYS and X-STATIX. Meanwhile, piles of shite like NEW WARRIORS lives to see #11 and beyond?

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Michael Eckett said...

I had the exact same reaction Manolis; it's crazy that The Order gets cancelled. It's introduced a bunch of cool and likeable new characters; whilst in New Warriors I have major trouble telling one established character from another.