Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Centaur Sex Ed 201

Centaurs are typically half-man half-horse (why this particular one is calling himself 'Minotaur is a matter for a different study, 'Image Comics in the early 90s and the geeks who made them popular').

But what does this mean for the positioning of their genitalia? Front legs (human)? Rear legs (horse)?

Nemesis obviously goes for option A here, although I've always leaned towards B. (Sadly for me, I had contemplated this question before).

How do you weigh on this, dear readers?

Source: Wildstorm Revelations #6 (Wildstorm, DC Comics)


Michael Eckett said...

Hind legs, because the centaurs lower anatomy is of a horse so you'd think it's genitalia would be positioned there as well

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have two sets. :P
Certainly better for the centaur...

Anonymous said...

I've always just assumed it'd be the hind legs, too.