Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Super-Villain Idol II

...or better known as 'Lame Attempt to Become a Better Writer #134'

SVI is a weird cross between American Idol and Fan-fiction, a Comic Book Idol for writers, only not as widely advertised. Each contestant must pick one established villain from comics or other media, and write them in a short story each round; that may be comics script, movie script form, novel or any other. Each round the coordinator gives the 'mission briefing', detailing what the stories should be about, and the judges nominate 6 of the contestants for elimination. Then the internet public votes on their favourites and 2 contestants are eliminated each round.

After a quite successful run in the original SVI 5 years ago (reaching 3rd place), I'll be taking part once more with the same character: Lady Mastermind. 5 years ago she was a mere one-time X-treme X-Men villain, now she's been popularised due to Mike Carey's inclusion of her in his roster, so the stakes are higher. Watch for weekly updates as more stories come out :)

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