Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big In Japan

Big Hero 6 that is!

copy-pasted from MySpace comic-books.

Joe Quesada: By the way, since I mentioned them, Big Hero 6, the top heroes of Japan, are about to come back with their own miniseries by Chris Claremont and David Nakayama. David's been hard at work redesigning the returning characters, as well as two new members to fill out the team's ranks.

It's the come-back I've been eagerly awaiting for, but from the writer I was least hoping. They're a killer fun group, but Claremont has consistently been a killjoy for the past 5 years. Hrmpf

Back-story: Big Hero Six were created by Scott Lobdell (around 1999?), they were featured in their own mini -series (Sun-Fire & Big Hero 6), while also making an appearance in Steve Seagle's seminal run on Alpha flight (vol.2).

They included such fun concepts as a girl with a tesseract handbag (that can provide any weapon or object she needs), a teenage human cannonball (literally), a boy genius and his pet robot dragon, and the Silver Samurai!

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