Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lost 4x10 Something Nice Back Home

A hint noone seems to have picked up on yet. Let me share.

The smoke detector scene in the flash-forward:

Jack has yet another run-in with his dead father, this time off the island. Nothing that really fazes the seasoned Lost fan.


The smoke detector was activated! Or, to be more obvious: the SMOKE detector! As in: the SMOKE monster, taking Shepard Sr's form, tripping the SMOKE alarm!

This is pretty much a confirmation of the prevailing ghost theory, that in fact it's the Smoke Monster assuming human form, trying to lure/trap people.


The Smoke Monster is off the island now? Can it travel off-island the same way Ben has been shown to do?

And is it also safe to assume that it was the Smoke Monster communicating with Hurley a few flash-forwards ago, in Charlie's form? It did tell him to warn Jack of his future visit...

Great tasty tidbits in-between a sea of romantic nonsense between Kate and Jack.

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