Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Return of MJ Watson Parker

So, in case you missed, it Mary Jane returned to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man last month, albeit for a meaty two-issue stint. MJ was revealed as the mysterious girlfriend of the big name Hollywood star that Peter Parker / paparazzi was stalking for the DB.

Peter of course never actually sees MJ, through a series of coincidences. When he does save the life of her new boyfriend from the manic stalker Paper Doll, MJ is hiding in the mansion's Panic Room, watching the fight through the monitors, and talking to Spidey through the house's intercom. Perhaps the most emotionally charged Spider-Man story we've read in years:

The issue closes with a sneaky teaser, as the girl who was revealed as the superhero Jackpot's civilian identity (who in turn bears a striking resemblance to MJ) catches up with MJ at the airport... for an autograph?

Keep them coming, guys!

Source: Amazing Spider-Man #561 (Marvel Comics)

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