Saturday, August 02, 2008

Marvel Adventures Avengers #26 - Galactus: A League of His Own


(Jeff Parker / Ig Guara / Sandro Ribeiro)

Jeff Parker's return to this book has launched it out of the 'amusing, funny, light-hearted kids' book' niche, and into an exciting, no holds barred irreverent and often ridiculously hilarious direction; the only books I could really compare this to are Ellis' Nextwave and the original Giffen JLI/JLE.

The Avengers encounter a mouthy, annoying alien race (gotta love the Avengers' alien translator, from way back to last year's Ego the Loving Planet story) who require their help to protect their planet against Galactus.

Parker uses a far-fetched continuity plot-device to basically f**k reality up and give us a series of increasingly ludicrous and LMAO situations:

the Avengers challenge Galactus to a chess match (with the Avengers as the pieces - duh - and the most imaginative way of making Captain America a Queen),



and finally invite him to a cosmic diner with planets on the menu and the Silver Surfer busing the tables!

Absolutely the most enjoyable, value-for-your-buck, kitsch, quotable book of the week/month/year, which doesn't take itself too seriously and unapologetically takes advantage of every last bit of absurdity the super-hero medium affords it!

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