Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tale of One Bad Egg

Chick this out:

Keith Giffen laying another one on poor Egg Fu...

Oh, Keep your sunny side up, chica!

Giffen's not fried for good puns, he's hatching more each second, egging the poor bastard on... Egg-Fu's just out of cluck.


Nope, if you think omelet you off easy, you need to get ova yourself! I won't let Giffen poach all my best yokes.

There's so many bad puns nesting in my head, it's hard to tell which came first!


(scrambles to get out of the way)

Fine, hens forth, no more puns!


(Still, you really should scramble and shell out some cash for this book before it flies completely off the stands)

Source: Ambush Bug Year None #1 (DC Comics)