Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Serialised Biography of the Hermit Damallianos

Who is the Hermit Damallianos?

What strange life has he lead?
What events in his life drove him to take residence in a wooden shack in the middle of Ekali?
And what twist of fate propelled him to the top of the pop charts, making him an overnight sensation?

if you're Greek, you'll surely get a strange kick out of reading: the Serialised (as in, 2 pages) Biography of the Hermit Damallianos!

(my first ever 'published' short story at age... 14? 15? Thanks to Margarita for uncovering this forgotten 'gem' in her drawer. It really brightened my mood on a very dark and depressing night. Excuse the awkward syntax and grammar ;) )

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Alexander Mikroyannidis said...

Poly kalo! Sou paei ayto to eidos grapsimatos to ksereis?