Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top 20 Movies of the 00s

I'm chiming in for Seagazing's Top 20 Movies of the 00s vote by the Greek blogosphere.

20. In Her Shoes
the chick flick of the 00s.
sibling rivalry, Toni Collette, Cameron Diaz, shoes
and the classic Hollywood recipe.

19. Shrek
because I just had to choose one CGI film, and this was it.
without it we'd still be watching Disney princesses locked in a tower
and putting out for some fresh air.
Oh, and Cameron Diaz again.

18. Battle Royale
because I'm a reality TV junkie at heart.
what could possibly make for better television than high school kids,
stranded on an island filled with cameras and weapons,
hunting down and killing each other for survival?

17. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
... a failed transexual, with an inch of remaining wood
(six inches forward and five inches back),
starring in the musical of her life.

16. Oldboy
because it still haunts me.
the less said about it, the better.

15. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
because I deserve one REALLY guilty pleasure in my 20s.
the epitomy of fluffy Hollywood comedy and Greekness.

14. The Nines
because there's no way Ryan Reynolds could be missing from my list.
life as a MMORPG, and so meta it comes back to bite its own tail.
John August, you're my hero.

13. Sin City
beautiful, splattery, contrived, over-the-top,
black and white and bloody red fluff.
the ultimate noir, times X.

12. Memento
impeccably structured puzzle of a forgotten life.
and because I forget things too.

11. Donnie Darko
the ultimate cult.

10. The Royal Tenenbaums
so quirky, it feels like home.

9. Shortbus
I'd spend my days and nights there if it was real.

8. Volver
A picture-perfect portrait of an Almodovar woman,
about daughters and their mothers,
and ghosts that cry.

7. Strella / A Woman's Way
the ultimate modern Greek tragedy
and the revival of Greek cinema,
with a deafening beating heart.

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
fate, memory and love.

5. Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi / Spirited Away
Miyazaki's own Alice in trippy Wonderland.
and pot noodle well spent.

4. Chicago
the ultimate musical stage adaptation.
Crime and punishment reward, and all that jazz.

3. Kill Bill
violence was never before so beautiful,
and revenge so sweet.

2. X2: X-Men United
the best super-hero movie of all time.
why can't anyone else get it this right again?
because I'll never really outgrow the X-Men.

1. Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain / Amelie
because I still remember the sound a spoon makes
as it cracks the crust of a crème brûlée.


inverted_a said...

All About My Mother came out at 1999...

Manolis Vamvounis said...

damn, missed that. will edit my next favourite Pedro in :)

Anonymous said...

Μπράβο συνάδελφε! Άντε, γιατί καταποντίστηκε ο Μίτσελ :(

Manolis Vamvounis said...

οτι μπορούμε κάνουμε! άκουσα πάντως ότι το Shortbus φιγουράρει σε τουλάχιστον 5 λίστες, και το Hedwig λογικά σε ακόμα περισσότερες. :)

Anonymous said...

Αυτό μάλλον ισχύει, όμως σε γενικές γραμμές και τα δύο είναι χαμηλά στην κατάταξη, οπότε μάλλον δεν έχουν ελπίδα για εικοσάδα...

Anonymous said...

wig fans united :)

by the way μόλις συνειδητοποίησα ότι άφησα το μεμέντο στην απέξω... *dumb blonde mode on*

yay for Shortbus, you got goooooood taste