Tuesday, January 25, 2011

X-Men Legacy #244

Mike Carey is one of the best horror writers in comics, it's good to see him dusting off some skills in his current x-workload, even if it's for one page. The rest X-Men Legacy #244 has Rogue following the young mutant Blindfold who's following the hints in her precog dream on the first page and questioning various persons of dangerous interest around the island, as a means of tying up (the seemingly un-tieable) events from the last year's worth of storylines on the book (Emplate, Proteus, Sentinel) - and thus producing a linear coherent feel to this title which has suffered lately mostly as a result of being treated by editorial as the perrenial stepchild of the X-Men books - and reintroducing us to some characters that will doubtlessly be the focus of the next few months' worth of stories in the much-anticipated (and very-cool-looking) Age of X storyline. I mean, Dragoness? Whoever dug her up? (and after much deliberation I even spotted Stinger in a panel there.)

The issue is a whole lot of summarisation and exposition and some interestingf character work culminating in an out-of-nowhere nonsensical final battle with...

yes... a giant Spider-Squid. that was kinda cool and random.

p.s. I can't be the only one with severe eye-ache at Rogue's current outfit. I have yet to see a single artist draw it in any pleasing way. Just a great big green eyesore. with cleavage.

burn it!


Aman Chaudhary said...

You are absolutely right about Rogue's costume. The upcoming AoX one looks cool though!

Selene said...

Heh,cleavage-aside,the most disturbing thing about Rogue's new costume is that odd scarf.It keeps flowing everywhere even when she's standing still and it gives me the impression that snakes are wrapped around her neck,eager to bite her.Despite being a fill-in issue,X-Men:Legacy #244 was enjoyable.

By the way,Manolis-great entries,keep up the good work.