Tuesday, March 15, 2011

@JohnTikis #blogoscars

For the new two weeks i'll be using this blog to host my great friend @JohnTikis for the Greek #blogoscars, Blogovision - The Movies vote, 77+ Greek Bloggers voting for our own winners in the oscars categories. it's going to get surreal. posting will revert to pure Greek goodness for that time, pay us no heed :)


10 Matt Damon- True Grit

9 Masaki Okada-Kokuhaku

8 John Hawkes- Winter's Bone

7 Andrew Garfield-Never Let Me Go

6 Ben Mendelsohn-Animal Kingdom

5 Βαγγέλης Μουρίκης-Attenberg

4 Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Inception

3 Geoffrey Rush- The King's Speech

2 Andrew Garfield-The Social Network

1 Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Rabourdin και το υπόλοιπο τάγμα- Des Hommes Et Des Dieux


10 Olivia Williams-The Ghost Writer

9 Ιωάννα Τσιριγκούλη-Χώρα Προέλευσης

8 Yoon Yeo-jeong- Τhe Housemaid

7 Barbara Hershey-Black Swan

6 Τα burlesque girls στο Tournée

5 Mila Kunis-Black Swan

4 Angela Wesselman-Catfish

3 Chloë Moretz-Kick-Ass

2 Lesley Manville-Another Year

1 Jackie Weaver-Animal Kingdom


10. Luca Giadagnino-Io sono l' amore
9. Αθηνά Ραχήλ Τσαγγάρη-Attenberg
8. Sang-soo Im- The Housemaid
7. Tetsuya Nakashima-Kokuhaku
6. Mark Romanek-Never let me go
5. Jean-Luc Godard- Film Socialisme
4. Apichatpong Weerasethakul-Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
3. Edgar Wright-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
2. David Fincher-The Social Network
1. Gaspar Noé-Enter the Void


10. Please Give-Nicole Holofcener
9. Greenberg-Noah Baumbach
8. True Grit-Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen
7. Never Let Me Go-Alex Garland
6. Easy A-Bert V. Royal
5. Kokuhkaku-Tetsuya Nakashima
4. The Social Network- Aaron Sorkin
3. Toy Story 3- Michael Arndt
2. Blue Valentine-Derek Cianfrance, Cami Delavigne, Joey Curtis
1. L' Illusioniste-Sylvain Chomet, Jacques Tati


10. Romain Duris- L' Arnacoeur

9. Jesse Eisenberg-The Social Network

8. Μάκης Παπαδημητρίου-Χάρισμα

7. Jeff Bridges-True Grit

6. Éric Elmosnino-Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)

5. Danny Trejo-Machete

4. Colin Firth-The King's Speech

3. Ryan Gosling-Blue Valentine

2. James Franco-The Howl

1. Vincent Gallo-Essential Killing


10. Rinko Kikuchi- Norwegian Wood

9. Jennifer Lawrence- Winter's Bone

8. Jeon Do-yeon- The Housemaid

7. Ariane Labed- Attenberg

6. Jeong-hie Yun- Poetry

5. Takako Matsu- Kokuhaku

4. Michelle Williams- Blue Valentine

3. Hailee Steinfeld-True Grit

2. Emma Stone- Easy A

1. Tilda Swinton- Io Sono L' Amore


20. Des hommes et des dieux.

''Forgive me, Father, for I was bored.''

19. Easy A

''One of the most smug and obnoxiously self-aware films I've ever seen.''

18. Inception.

''One way to salvage some fun with this blunderbuss would be to fall asleep while watching and dream up a better movie yourself. Try it. You'll avoid a headache.''

17. Film Socialisme

''Incomprehensible, incoherent and intolerable.''

16. Les amours imaginaires

''The story feels tired, and the cyclical ending is about as surprising as the calorie count of a Cinnabon.''

15. True Grit

''I see no reason why someone like Sarah Palin would not love this film.''

14. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

''Also versus coherence, versus maturation, versus real emotion''

13. Attenberg

''Too weird for its own good''

12. The Housemaid

''Curiously passe, a luxe exercise in one-note nastiness''

11. L' illusionniste

''A cliché-riddled nostalgia trip''

10. Copie Conforme

''Certified Copy is a fraud as a film.''

9. Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives.

''Uncle Boonmee should count himself lucky if none of his future lives include having to watch this movie.''

8. Kokuhaku

''You'll need caffeine on an IV drip to survive it.''

7. Io sono l' amore

''Uncomfortably close to being an extravagantly elongated, Fendi-clad episode of Dynasty.''

6. Never let me go.

''Everything is in its place, including the overly tidied-up meaning.''

5. Toy Story 3.

''So besotted with brand names and product-placement that it stops being about the innocent pleasures of imagination -- the usefulness of toys -- and strictly celebrates consumerism.''

4. Blue Valentine

''Too self-consciously indie-hipster.''

3. Winter's Bone

''A bit of poverty porno''

2. The Social Network

''The genesis of Facebook as weepy bromance''

1. Enter The Void

''Utterly silly excuse for maximum debauchery''

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