Saturday, July 16, 2011

DC Retro-Active: Dan Didio on Batgirl

from the back matter of all DC Comics shipping with a cover date of November 2009, from the desk of Dan Didio himself, regarding the process behind choosing the character behind the mask of the (then) new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.

let's type out the bit with the retro-active ironic value:

[...]Choosing the new Batgirl was not an easy decision, and strong arguments could be made for most of them. At one point we were sure it would be Barbara (she was as close to being Bagirl again as Nightwing was to being dead) but after long discussions it was agreed that Oracle had become such a strong character, there was no sense going back [...]

cue September 2011, a scant two years later:

yeah, dude, whatever

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