Thursday, July 07, 2011

Death Before Snoo Snoo

that Namor sure has his priorities mixed-up.

Namor makes a crossover appearance in this week's Uncanny X-Men #540 in the middle of the ongoing events of Fear Itself: the Deep where -I'm assuming without having read it- he's fighting the Hammered-up Attuma and saving people's lives during what Marvel is trying to sell as its most cataclysmic event yet that has the entire Marvel Universe populace shaking in fear

Emma is equally perplexed as this reader concerning the reasons that would prompt Namor to abandon the battlefield in the middle of Attuma's rampage.

is he looking for reinforcements? does he need the help of te world's premiere telepath to defeat the mass-murdering monster that has -supposedly- caused the whole world to sink into fear?

nope. he just wanted to get in her pants. noble.

Namor, you old horndog!

Emma, being the lady she is (current outfit in that first panel notwithstanding) pushes him away, despite being obviously in heat. or that could just be Greg Land's infamous porn photo-referencing giving the reader mixed signals

the whole uncomfortable eyesore of a sequence does end on a remarkable character moment though, I'll give Kieron Gillen that:

ouch. Namor, you dick!

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