Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Desperate Housewives Season 4 promo

Only one month away from the season 4 premiere now!

the promo trailer features 'Mile in these shoes' from Jennifer Lopez and showcases the five (!) main housewives in all their airbrushed/digitally-retouched glittery glory. Directed by David LaChapelle.

Are the producers going all Six Feet Under on us and hiding clues inside the promo?

Let's examine:

Edie picks up from the season 3 cliffhanger, hanging herself. Does she survive into season 4 as a full-time protagonist of equal power? Or does she have a glamorous funeral and take over as series narrator? I'd love to see her narrating Susan's stories with all her usual bitchiness and non-objectivity

Susan is lying in bed, in an unusually sexy appearance for the character! She's the only housewife wearing black, does this mean something ominous for Mike?

Gabrielle is her usual vain self, preening over her new pearls, but ends up throwing them away. Will she finally have enough of the new slime ball hubbie?

Bree is cooing over her new baby, or rather her daughter's baby which she will be passing off as her own

Lynette, finally, is trying on a short black wig, while we can also see a redhead wig next to her. This one has me stumped.

And the black car approaching is a new arrival in the neighborhood... The much-publicized gay couple? I do hope the Robbie Williams / David Beckham rumors don't stand...

Overall, they've gone for a bit more glamor than they should have, to the point that it overpowers the individual characters and they all meld together in runway glee. I'm still excited for new season though!


Barrett said...

Hey, you write a good blog... Thus my second comment.

I think the promo looked great. LaChapelle's amazing. (I actually blogged about him this morning.)

My guess is Lynette's bit is about her wanting to escape the mundaneness of her life. It seems to be her theme lately. Trying to find herself maybe? As for Susan... Who the hell knows?

On, Marcia cross said that the shoot was supposed to be a kind of film-noir-in-color and they mentioned how it alludes to things to come.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind me reading!

Manolis Vamvounis said...

oh thanks man!

very much appreciated!

I've only started blogging regularly for little over 2 weeks now, so this is all new to me, glad someone likes it! :)

yeah, i found another video on youtube with he backstage interview and the girls talking about the shoot :)