Thursday, August 09, 2007

Justice League: the New Frontier

A thing of beauty! And a sure sign of the Apocalypse when an american comic is done justice (pun pun pun) on the animated version

although the animation itself could use a better polish and is still not up to japanese standards in its proximity to the original style, the voice acting...

the voice casting is simply put... dreamy. It's essentially the best possible with the right people regardless of how expensive or big they are


Lucy Lawless (XENA) as Wonder Woman!

David Boreanaz (ANGEL) as Green Lantern Hal Jordan!!

Jeremy Sisto (the freaky incestuous psychotic brother off SIX FEET UNDER) as Batman!

it's the cream of the crop of voice actors that is guaranteed to drive fanboys (and girls. and gays) wild!

With a bigger budget I don't see why this couldn't be a viable cinema release...

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