Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Black Canary or... Black Widow!

Am I the only one noticing the subtle absence of Ollie from the first two covers of GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY ?

Exhibit A: Cover to #1


The new Green Arrow/Black Canary team investigates the shocking results of the Wedding of the Century in an all-new adventure that brings the Star City-crossed lovers together!

Now, we know the united Super-villains are crashing the wedding in the next JLA issue, but could they really be offing the groom? Why else wouldn't Ollie be featured on the cover of the first issue?

Exhibit B: Cover to #2


Black Canary and Speedy head to Amazon Island, where a job offer from Athena seems to be the perfect opportunity for Dinah to focus some of her frustrations over what's happened to Green Arrow.

Again, no Ollie, but the rest of Team Arrow is present. Artist Cliff Chiang recently posted this cover on his blog, commenting that:

Plus, I can’t really preview much of the art for the book just yet.

Will DC kindly stop offing their characters library? It's been a death-a-month since Countdown started and I'm starting to get ticked off...

p.s. As a bonus, check out Cliff's pencils and inks for the second cover by clicking on the image in this link. Cliff Chiang on the book is the only thing that would make me read this despite Winnick's continuing presence...

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