Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vote for Panel of the Week 03.09.07

Each week I'll be posting the 3-4 most memorable panels from the week and putting them up for a public week-long vote. The winning panels gets posted on the sidebar and earns boasting privileges over lesser panels...

Last week Birds of Prey dominated the poll with a staggering 45%! New Gods + Steel bikini + Pokemon = the Love Equation!

Vote for your favorite this week, as DC dominates the panel wars, with some fun panels taken from some sub-par issues:

Panel A

P-ewww - Teen Titans #50 (Impulse)

Panel B

The Dateless Wonder - Teen Titans #50 (Blue Beetle)

Panel C

Super-hickey - Countdown #35

Panel D

Bizarro Jimmy Olsen Must Live, Him Am Great Photographer - Action Comics #855

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