Wednesday, October 17, 2007

American Virgin ends

Another great comics bites the dust.

It will of course be missed, although this isn't such shocking news to me, as I explained here

Two things to take from Steve Seagle's 'eulogy' of the title.

1. This reply, epitomizing the heart of the title very succinctly (something i had difficulty doing in my own review)

American Virgin' is an ongoing book, which means it goes on as long as people are into reading about interesting, obtuse, offensive, and just plain out-there sexual practices going on around the globe. It goes on as long as people are intrigued by how a conservative Christian responds to the kind of stimuli he's been sheltered from his whole life. It goes on as long as people are hooked into our road-adventure-revenge story. As long as they are, I have stories to tell about Adam Chamberlain, because it's the balance between oath and temptation that this book is actually examining, and not just sexual temptation.

2. This sneaky critical quote at the top of the page:
American Virgin is one of the most enjoyable monthly reads from Vertigo. Adam is a very intense and controversial character, and the writer doesn’t waste any chances to really push his beliefs and convictions to the breaking limit.” –
from yours trully, and my earlier review of #18.

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