Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brave & the Bold #7

Power Girl and Wonder Woman have a girls' fight night out, squaring off against a trumped up Dr Alchemy. Superman acts as the damsel in distress, while the Challengers of the Unknown trudge on the complicated main storyline (do we really need it?).

Mark Waid forces the dialogue to project the differences between the two Super-Ladies (besides the neckline), making his hand too obvious. Just a one-off by-the-book crossover between these two leading ladies, without straying too far from expectations.

George Perez
is still the selling force behind this title, bringing his timeless style to the DCU. Although he does Power girl a disservice on the cover, his rendition of Kara inside the issue is something else.

For your enjoyment, a slashfic moment from the issue:

Grade: 6/10

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