Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No, I'm not dead, Vasili

...but it's like this:

1st, the server where i have been hosting the images breaks down, along with the entire Comics Nexus website (where I am the editor these days)

this means I have to go ahead, track down all my images from all of the hundreds of blog posts and re-upload them on the new server and cross-link.

That would have been a simple hassle, if only my motherboard didn't pick this specific time to call it quits on me (bad mother) and produce a corrupt BIOS fault, shutting down the entire system.

So what happens now? I've got a new pc in the box waiting to be assmebled this friday, and a backlog of reviews and articles to get posted in my head, so you need to wait until this weekend for LYSAD's triumphant return. After all, it's 7 days to Christmas and our traditional Holiday Roundtable!


Dust Road said...

evales omos pali mpros kai poios se prolavainei... blogging machine alert!

Manolis Vamvounis said...

e, ti, paidia imaste?

ta videakia ine eukola k grigora, katse na arxisw na grafw ta 5selida reviews pali k ta leme :P