Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting Weeks 16-18 2008

Facing tough competition, Groening's Yellow Rock n Roll Heaven won over the competition with a tight 27% last week.

This week, rounding up the rest of the catch-up weeks (finishing April 2008) in a titanic show-down. Vote for your favourites:

Panel A:
Sailor Stinky Farts (Power Pack Day One #2)

Panel B:
'Bovinsult (v): To insult one's family by turning them into cows' (New Avengers #40)

Panel C:
The Orrgo Show (Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #35)

Panel D:
A Pink Purse with THAT outfit? (JSA Classified #37 )

Panel E:
The Yip Yip Puppy Stampede (Teen Titans #58 )

Panel F:
Lex Luthor vs The Joker: Slapfest! (Salvation Run #6)

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