Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick thoughts on Lost Season 4 Finale

Remember the RedShirts man!


An enjoyable two-parter, but seriously padded out.

Lots of tears for Jin, and surprisingly more tears for the Desmond-Penny reunion. I didn't know I cared! (ok, in Jin's case I didn't; I did care for Sun and was reacting to her devastation more than anything)

Anyway, the Redshirts! Or in this case, the anonymous mass of survivors. What happened to them?? Did Daniel transfer all of them to the freighter? If he did, then why aren't they shown on board the ship? We knew there was at least a couple more losties on board from his first run. Why does noone make a fuss when Jack decides it's just gonna be him and his 4 friends who escape the exploding ship? And if there's space on the chopper for Jin (so one more) why don't they rescue an extra guy off the ship before it goes kablooey? (Well, ok I didn't expect them to show a redshirt on the chopper, but they should have shown them getting killed or find another way to mend the hole)

Meanwhile, back on the island, is Juliette the last of the Losties to stay on shore? There's noone else on sight. From the dialogue that's the feeling I got. But then what about the other Losties? And what about Rose and Bernard? Didn't Rose want to leave the island? Why show her at all in part 1 for a bit line and then forget about her?

Finally, 'lie to protect them'. Them who? Juliette, Sawyer and Locke? There's no really anyone else left alive on the island at this point that they care about.

As for the casket reveal... Well we knew it was one of the two, and one is standing there... Can you spell resurrection in Season 5? ;)

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