Thursday, July 17, 2008

Giant-Girl in Wonderland

Showcasing the beautiful Takeshi Miyazawa redesigns for C.B. Cebulski's Avengers Fairy Tales series, adapting Alice in Wonderland

Giant Girl/Stature Cassie Lang stars as Alice, and casting her friends and family as the characters of Wonderland.

Her deceased dad, Scott Lang/Ant-Man is the Caterpillar:

Tigra as the Cheshire Cat:
From Left to Right:

Speed as the White Rabbit
Wiccan as the Hare
Hulkling as the Mad Hatter
Iron Lad as Dormouse
Kate/Hawkeye as the Queen
Eli/Patriot as the King

and a cast of Ultrons, Jocastas and Vision as the adorable deck of cards army :)

Source: Avengers Fairy Tales #3 (Marvel Comics)

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