Monday, July 14, 2008

**** me, Amadeus

Oh naughty naughty writing team, teasingly playing up the oh-so-very-forbidden parallels between Hercules's current relationship with sidekick Amadeus Cho and his famous actual relationship/love affair with his young companion, the boy Hylas, during the Argonauts' journey.

In this issue, Hercules compares his current companions in the 'God Pack' to the original Argonauts' line-up, stopping short at making the parallel between Hylas and Amadeus. Later on in the story, he does confess to the similarities between the two boys, even recounting Hylas' tragic fate (-ahem- being wooed away from Hercules by a woman/nymph essentially... the nerve on some kids!) - but still leaving out the details of Hercules' severe reaction to this loss...

Source: Incredible Hercules #118 (Marvel Comics)

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