Sunday, December 20, 2009

#1 of the 00s: Trouble Over Tokyo


Not the most conventional of choices, but the closest to my heart. This one (again) dedicated to the #1 TOT fan in the world, my friend Bibas-san who introduced all of us to the album Pyramids last year (but who didn't feature him in his top 20 of the decade which still baffles me. Traitah!)

Trouble Over Tokyo is London-based singer/songwriter/one-man-band Toph Taylor who also plays all instruments on his recordings and draws his own cd cases and lyrics booklets. Crazy. Talent. And also crazy frenetic and friendly in person and his gigs. And at the same time capable of the most heart-wrenching love song, the post-apocalyptic "Eyes Off Me". Do yourselves the favour and hunt it down now.

1. Trouble Over Tokyo - Pyramids

When I'm too close to the picture I can't make any sense
And so I reach into my pocket for a fist of regret
And through a hammer and a chisel I destroy 'till it gets
A little clearer...

I don't know if all I've got to give
Will ever be enough to lift the lid
But I understand that while I live
I'll build pyramids

I don't know if all I have will do To build a fitting marker for this tomb
But I know that while I've got the room
I'll build pyramids


Steam is rising from the ground
And the people are still running
Evacuating, scared for their lives
While helicopters circle

Honey, please, don't listen to them
You're in no danger when you're with me
The ground is shaking under our feet
But I don't feel it when you kiss me

Please babe don't take your eyes off me
'cause the world may crumble and fall down around us
But you know babe you're the last thing I want to see
And the earth may open but they'll don't take your eyes off me


is it true? all of the crimes you committed you were falsely arrested for?
is it true? all the creations you credited for proceeded you too?
are they lies? pouring and swelling and covering up the light from the dark?
are they lies? cutting and cooking and distributing a shot for us all?

'cause I've been listening to all you say
I've been caught on every line, every word, every syllable
and if it's really you then don't delay
save us! save us! save us!

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