Thursday, December 02, 2010

#18 of 2010

This is the part where all you indie snobsters descend upon me not unlike pissant hipster harpies with vile appetites on torch-wielding peasants.

Natassa is on the list because she represents (to me, and others) the fresh blood and hope for the greek 'entechno'/folk scene... and in a very stagnant year for the genre, she really is the ONLY one to come out with a full album of worthwhile new material (and not sell out to a big print newspaper or gossip magazine for its distribution).

Like I said... hope.

#18. Natassa Mpofiliou - Εισιτήρια Διπλά

τους ανθρώπους της ζωής μου κάθησα να τους μετρήσω...

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