Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #24

Writer: J. M. Straczynski
Artist: Joe Quesada

Marvel Comics

Aunt May is dying. Peter has heard the bad news that science can't do anything to save her life, but he's not willing to let go, instead turning to the metaphysical for answers. Peter knocks on Dr Strange's door for answers, but he won't like what he finds out and his desperation will lead him to an ill-advised time-travelling jump tying into an earlier cryptic scene in JMS' run.

Color me impressed. JMS had the whole thing planned for over 6 years before?

All in all, One More Day, despite expectations, doesn't suck! Spider-man's desperation is now tangible and his actions have a real emotional resonance. Better late than never.

Joe Quesada is making his big artistic come back with tihs storyline, and also deserves praise. First, for the amazing quality of the layouts and panel arrangements. Secondly for beating his track record and delivering the issues on time!

The back of the issue reprints MJ's origin along with a very detailed Handbook profile, trying to compromise the actual continuity with the various retcons throughout the years like MJ always knowing Spidey's identity, and Gwen's secret pregnancy.


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Tom Daylight said...

I very much doubt he planned it that way (particularly given the teasers for a Dr. Strange miniseries in the original issue), but it's pretty cool nonetheless.