Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Speaking of Sean Astin...

I declare today World Sean Astin Day (W-SAD).

How could I have been so blind all these years! I never really made the connection till I wiki'ed him today for the week's O.W. entry.

So, Sean Astin got from this cute 'aww' thing (the Goonies):

to this adorable short-pint mug (Lord of the Rings)

Ok, interesting growth, but still only cute.

Until this:

(adding fuel to my growing belief that everyone looks 10 times hotter in a beard, and that there ought to be a pro-facial hair law protecting against close shaves)

This photo has ignited an intense interest in Mr Astin's 'artistic career' here at LYSAD central. He will heretofore be in such esteemed company, as mr Seth Rogen and mr Ryan Reynolds.

Stay tuned for more as the story develops. Meanwhile:

Sexy beardiness!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He is definitely a gorgeous man. Had a thing for him for a while, but seeing him with a beard really sets him off. Like you said, he's way beyond 'cute' now and I think he'll just continue to get better with age.