Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vote for Panel of the Week 10.10.07

Each week I'll be posting the 3-4 most memorable panels from the week and putting them up for a public week-long vote. The winning panels gets posted on the sidebar and earns boasting privileges over lesser panels...

Last week Darth Homer's D'OHHH was heard through space, gathering 52% of your votes!

The week didn't provide too many laughs, apart from the hilariously bad Action Comics and Wolverine. But once more, you are the judge! (Disclaimer: we wouldn't want Master Whedon to be mired because of the company he keeps this week, DHP#3 was excellent as usual)

PANEL ABizarro Panels Always Am Boring (Action Comics #856)

Panel B
Dude, Where's My Earth? (Dark Horse Presents #3)

Panel C
Silent But Deadly (Wolverine #58)

Panel D:
It's funny because it's not, really (Wolverine #58)

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