Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Order #3: ZOBOS on Rodeo Drive


It's the newest trend!

Forget Ninjas, forget Pirates, forget ZOMBIES (so passe!)

From The Order #3 (Matt Fraction, Barry Kitson, Marvel Comics):

ZOBOS!! And they look like... what?

Like this:


What else goes on?

#3 focuses on James Wa, a.k.a. Calamity, or 'The Boy Most Likely to Succeed'

Hi James.

James is the team's speedster, and this issue delves more inside him to show us what really makes him tick. We discover he's lost his legs in a car accident which ended his rising Baseball career, forcing him (in true Marvel comics pseudo-science tradition) to invent a new set of cybernetic goat-legs to replace his missing extremities.

James is struggling between two conflicting dilemmas:

1. His 'freezing' during the last issue when he was asked to pull the plug on four comatose Russkies in order to stop an A-bomb detonating. Should he have controlled his doubts, set his morality aside and killed them?

2. His desire to take revenge on the man who cost him his legs, refreshed by newfound information on his hiding place. Will he be able to control his temper, set his morality aside and not kill him?

Meanwhile, the Zobos keep eating away at the neighbourhood, Mullholland is having power control trouble of her own, and Suicide Girl ex-Order member Avona makes a return appearance on the mortuary table. I knew that Talking Bluetooth Sidekick Sword was too marketable to stay buried for long!

I won't say anything about the quality of the writing and art, I've spent too much time going over that for #1 and #2 the past few months. This is the best superhero book of the year, don't you dare miss another issue!

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