Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BICS Report part 3: Photo Parade - Creators

Photo Round-Up: Creators

Part 3 of our BICS coverage

Kieron Gillen (Phonogram) and Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, Suburban Glamour),
winners of the charades award

Dave Kendall (Bad Planet) drawing on the ImagineFX booth,
winner of the second tallest -after me- award

Rich Johnston (Lying in the Gutters)
dedicating the newest -colour- edition of the Flying Friar

Guest-of-Honour Kevin Nowlan
sketching for his fans, and mrs Nowlan

Mike Carey... and Mike Carey on the limited edition cover of his first novel The Devil You Know,
winner of the fan-friendly award for his hours talking and drinking it up with our great unwashed lot

Alan Davis and Mark Farmer,
a penciller and inker team even in the sketch sessions

Adi Granov (Iron Man),
winner of the biggest sketch queue award (take that, Mignola!)

Staz Johnston (Underworld),
winner of the Best Hair award

Ilya (far right) and his army of writers and artists from the Mammoth Book of New Manga, vol. 2,
winners of the 300-UK award

Dean Ormston (Testament, Lucifer, Books of Magick),
winner of the bottomless pint award

Essad Ribic (Loki, Silver Surfer) ,
winner of biggest and sexiest artist award (phwoar)

Mark Buckingham (Fables) and Irma Buckingham,
winners of the friendliest bunch award

Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Green Lantern Corps),
winner of the Friends of Budgie award

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