Thursday, November 15, 2007

BICS Report part 4: Photo Parade - Indies

Photo Round-Up: Indies

Part 4 of our BICS coverage

Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare) and Sweatdrop studios

Geof Banyard and Fetishman, the most disturbing cockytail of cute and kinky

Philip English and Genki Gear T-shirts, available also in their online store

Village People circa 2007, on skates, from Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

Studio Blink Twice (duh)

Mark Ellerby (Love The Way You Love), scary beard-lover girl and Adam

The Cool Kids table, home of Zombies and the Ninja Bunny

ZipGun Comics

Orang Utan Comics

Selina Lock, and the Girly Comic

Seven Sentinels from Engine Comics

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