Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holiday Roundtable: Looking forward to 2008

Welcome back for the last part of our Holiday special!

What are you most looking forward to, for 2008?

Cecil Castellucci: More NORTHLANDERS by Brian Wood. All of the new MINX books (including Emiko Superstar, NY Four, Burnout, Token, All Nighter, and of course my own Janes in Love!) THE GOOD NEIGHBOURS by Holly Black. CHIGGERS by Hope Larson. RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE by Shannon Hale. And anything SUPERMAN.

Cliff Chiang: Just getting more issues of GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY under my belt!

Paul Cornell: I'm most looking forward to the rest of DAN DARE, Gail's WONDER WOMAN, and Marvel's big event.

Nate Cosby: The football season. Mississippi State's winnin' EIGHT this year, baby!!!!!
Oh, you mean comics? Huh. Well, I hope the IRON MAN movie's good. And DARK KNIGHT. I don't really know what's coming out as far as non-continuity stuff, so I couldn't tell ya what I'm excited about yet. That's the nice thing about reading comics that don't tie into other comics: You can go to the store, see a cool cover, open it up, just start reading without having to catch up on the lore.

Oh! Mike Kunkel's SHAZAM'll end up being good, I bet. That guy's awesome.

Jason Aaron: Reading NORTHLANDERS from Vertigo and '76 from Image.
Writing more SCALPED and getting my hands on GHOST RIDER.

Nicola Scott: Whatever's next.

Mike Carey: THE BLACK DOSSIER, which I haven't managed to pick up yet. I know, I know, that's an evasive answer. How about SECRET INVASION?

Manolis: Thanks again to Mike, Tom, Nicola, Christo, Paul, Cecil, Cliff, Nate, Heidi and Jason; and a Happy New Year to everyone from me and the Comics Nexus team!

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